Islamic Party of Indonesia Should Unite

JAKARTA - Prof M Steven Fish of the University of Berkeley, Calif., said the Islamic political parties come together better if you want to get better political force in Indonesia.

"The views conservative Islamic parties should be changed in order to have a stake in restoring the nation," he said in the seminar "Islam, Democracy and the Restoration of the Nation" in the DPP Crescent Star Party (PBB), South Jakarta, on Saturday (09/24/2011). "There needs to be cooperation between the Islamic political parties that exist," he continued.

According to him, Islamic political parties that exist today as the National Awakening Party, the United Development Party, the Crescent Star Party, did not have significant differences. Therefore, the idea to unite the parties "green" is very plausible.

"Block party democratic Muslim will make an enormous difference. The unification of these (Islamic party) will reduce the environmental degradation is happening politically," he said.

Steven said the Islamic party that should actually show non-violent and pro-pluralism. Must be shown that in fact Islam is an anti-terrorism, do not like violence, and will pro pluralism. This mirrors the real Islamic parties in Indonesia match, "he said.

According to him, if such a concept is offered, then the possibility of Islamic parties in Indonesia will put his sympathy and direct impact on the upcoming elections.


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