How To Find Your Product Niche - 3 Resources to Research

To build a successful internet business, whether selling your own product or someone else's, you must find a niche. Your niche will be a small segment of people with a common interest. With common interest come common problems. Solving those problems is where you come in. By having a niche with common interests and problems, you can now market solutions to those folks' problems.
This short article will show you 3 resources to use for finding a large group of people looking for solutions (your products) to their problems.

1. Google Trends ( This is a powerful site that will help you identify not just trends, but also the strength the trends over time. The more you can offer products around key words that thousands of people are searching for on Google, then the more possibilities you have of selling your product.

2. Ebay pulse ( This site will tell you what products people are currently hungry for. You can even break down your search into specific categories. What a great way to see the problems people are searching for answers to.

3., as a huge internet store, can also help you spark ideas for what people are looking for. Their best sellers list is a good place to start looking for niche ideas.
This is just the start, but should be helpful in sparking your creative thinking. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open to everyday life problems/solutions/products. Ask yourself key questions like: What's going on in the news and in the papers and magazines? What was the last movie that you watched or the last vacation that you took? What are your hobbies or interests, and how about those of your family (sites that are aimed at youngsters can be hugely successful when they are done right!). Are there daily tasks that you struggle with or something where you seem to be uncommonly adept? If so, then why not tell other people about it, and - if it is a problem or a difficulty - tell them how you solved the problem. With a down economy, what are the new trends or concerns? Are spending habits changing? If so, how? What areas will spending increase as income decreases?

You don't have to invent the product that solves a particular problem. People will pay you to research existing products to bring about their needed solutions. It's time to act!

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